Press Release

The weather is warm here in Southern California.  A light breeze blows through the outdoor set of the studio where the interview is about to take place.  The aroma from a freshly brewed pot of coffee wafts in our direction.  Surely they will bring Jim a cup before we get started!?  That will only be his fourth cup today!  It was, after all, a very early start today, so to say he ‘needed’ them would be an understatement.  The flight from Vancouver this morning was absolutely perfect!   Smooth take off and landing, and not a cloud in the sky!  Being seated in FIrst Class is the only way to fly!  And the limo ride to Hollywood…Luxury all the way!!


The interview begins…

“Good Afternoon to all of my wonderful fans out there.  Today is Friday, March the 18th, two thousand and twenty-two.   I’m Marcia Mackie, the host of “Net-Line”—the show where we interview the most successful people in Network Marketing in the 21st Century.”

“I have the priviledge of having with me today the newest members of the Million Dollar Club with Primerica, Jan and Jim Ellis.  They’re joined in the audience by their two amazing (as Jan tells me) children, Emily and Ben.  Welcome to the show, Jan and Jim…”

<applause from the audience>

Jan:  Thank you for having us!  I’m honoured to be here!  You are such an Icon, Marcia.  I can’t believe we’re actually here with you!  (looking over at Jim with a glistening in her eyes) Somebody pinch me (hehe)!

MM:  Hey, well I feel truly blessed to have you here with us!  So, tell me, Jan, how long have you ( and JIm) been working with Primerica?

Jan: Define “working” (quoty fingers expressed), Marcia!  (slight pause) I say that rather ‘tongue-in-cheek’.  You see I only really began actually working about seven years ago.  For years I struggled in the business, as a great number of people do.  My income was slim to none and I had recruited very few people onto my team.  I knew what to do, essentially…I just for some reason wasn’t doing it!  I was feeling frustrated and very disappointed with myself, which didn’t help the situation any.

MM:  So what changed that you were able to make such a remarkable leap,,,,if you will…to the income level you are at today….A million dollars a year!!!???  <hoots and applause from the audience> Can you pin-point a specific thing?

Jan:  Absolutely, without a doubt!  Looking back I’d have to say that things turned around for me very quickly after I started a self-discovery program called the MKMMA.

MM:  That acronym means nothing to me….explain, if you will…

Jan:  Certainly….It stands for Master Key Master Mind Alliance. it’s a pretty intense 26 week program, which incorporates in its teaching the bestselling book, The Master Key System, written by Charles Haanel.  You learn, basically, that all that Motivational type ‘hype’ out there doesn’t really work.  In order for one to succeed we need to have a DMP…or Definite Major Purpose in life…to truly have the ‘burning’ desire, and then be able to work towards that purpose.  Something I was missing, I have to say, for all of my adult life.  Boy, was I relieved that there wasn’t something seriously ‘wrong’ with me!!  It was just that my Blueprint was programmed wrong!  Once I discovered how to fix it, which wasn’t easy, my whole world changed…for the better…way, way better!!

MM:  JIm, you haven’t had a chance to say anything here.

Jim:  That’s sort of usual (slight snicker)!  <laughs from the audience>

MM:  Let me ask you then…Are you an active partner with your wife, Jan?

JIm:  Well, I don’t know that I would say active partner in our business. I like to think I’ve always been a very supportive partner, even through all those very ‘lean’ years!!  I always had faith in Jan and she kept me believing that some day we would get ‘here’.  I’m very happy I stayed a cheerleader, or who knows where we’d be now!

MM:  Awesome, well sounds like she is equally fortunate to have you.

MM:  I see your two grown children have come with you today.  What influence have you had, Jan, on their career choices?

Jan:  Emily has chosen to work with us part-time, while she continues to pursue her true passion, which is hairstyling….hopefully for the Celebrities one day!

MM:  Well, if i’d known she could have done mine today!!  (haha)

MM:  And what about your son?

Jan:  Ben is currently enrolled in University pursuing his ‘passion’, which is to become a Robotics Engineer!  I suppose one day he will have a more active role in the business, but for now, he is focused on what matters to him, and we are more than okay with that!

MM:  One final question…Now that you’ve achieved this level, what do you see the future has in store for you?

Jan:  Oh, Marcia, My journey is far from over…