Week 18 – Virtue of the week – Decisiveness

Interesting how we are aware of all of these virtues we are ‘studying’ as we already possess all of them within us.

This has been a week full of decisions…as are all, no doubt !!  The decision to ‘not do’ something is just as much of a decision as ‘to do’ it!  …however…

My virtue this week is ‘decisiveness’ (adverb).  I have just searched the true, dictionary definition as I’m writing this blog.  According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of ‘decisive’ (adjective) is as follows:

Simple Definition of decisive

:able to make choices quickly and confidently

: causing something to end in a particular way : determining what the result of something will be

: very clear and obvious

Full Definition of decisive

  1. 1:  having the power or quality of deciding <a decisive battle>

  2. 2:  resolute, determined <a decisive manner>

  3. 3:  unmistakable, unquestionable <a decisive superiority>

Wow, what a powerful word, and a powerful trait to have!  Combine this with the “Do It Now” and we are extremely effective…Watch out!!


Week 17a HJ – Button story ‘popped’!

I was overcome with extreme disappointment when I discovered (when I did the laundry on Sunday) that the button I had found on the floor of the coffee shop last week was actually one that had popped off the back pocket flap of that same pair of pants!!  I found my own button!!  I was my own ‘donor’!!   My heart sank…I almost cried…then I had to sit and think about it, ‘rationally’.  It did sort of ‘make sense’, but it kind of ‘burst’ my bubble, so to speak, as far as believing that something utterly amazing had happened.  I spoke with a member of my Mastermind Alliance and he was able to provide me with some ‘guidance’.  Perhaps I was not clear enough with my ‘asking’ the Universe for a button!?  That was, I suppose, the simplest way to ‘give‘ one to me 🙂  Another ‘bright side’ to it was that if I had not ‘found’ that one on the floor I would have in fact been in need of two buttons, lol!!


Week 17 – Button, button…

17.27 “By keeping the thought in mind, it will gradually take tangible form.”

Just when I needed a ‘sign’ that all this work would ‘pay off’ this happened:

To start off…About a week or so ago the top button on my pants broke.  No, it didn’t just pop off due to the stitching coming undone.  The actual button holes ‘became one’, so to speak.  I had given thought to the need to find a replacement and sew it on, but failed to “Do It Now” on this ‘occasion’.  I decided it could wait.  After all, the pants could still be worn…it’s not like they were going to fall off or anything…lol.  The thought did ‘cross my mind’ several times since then (usually when putting this particular pair of pants on) that I should search for, and if necessary buy, a replacement to sew on.

Anyways, getting to the ‘meat’ of the story here…On Tuesday I was sitting in a Tim Horton’s coffee shop listening to the Go90Grow Webby (using their WiFi on my iPad) in between appointments (‘Discipline’ is my Virtue this week), when all of a sudden something on the floor caught my eye.  “Lo and behold” it was a button exactly like I need to ‘fix’ my pants!!!  Incredible!!  It brought tears to my eyes!  Made me realize that I AM ‘Powerful Beyond Measure’, as I have been saying to myself numerous times in the past, oh I don’t know, 17 weeks.  What are the odds??  Weird as this may sound, I also realized that in order for me to find this button and resolve my ‘issue’, it also meant that someone else had to have lost one.  Hmmmmm

This event also got me thinking about other things…one in particular…Organ Donation.  A life is saved and the Family of that person is no doubt very grateful.  Unfortunately, though, another family is at the same time grieving the loss of their loved one.  Don’t ask me why that came to mind, it just did…

How grateful I am for everything that comes to me and I know I will continue to see ‘Signs’ that this (MKMMA) ‘experience’ has without a doubt Changed my life !!

Week 15 – Grateful for Being Grateful

When I sit down to ‘write’ my blog each week the first thing I think about is a title.  Sometimes I need to really think about this in order to figure out what to write about.  Other times I already have the idea in my head and the title comes ‘automatically’.   Tonight was the former…I really had no ‘clue’ what to ‘say’ in this Blog.  As I reflected back on this past week I realized that the recent implementation of these gratitude cards, adding 3 per day, and flipping through them several times a day has had a very positive impact on my overall ‘outlook’.

This past week has brought some significant ‘challenges’ & ‘changes’ to my life…

On Sunday morning I was involved in a vehicle collision due to extremely icy road conditions.  First and foremost, fortunately, no one was hurt.  Unfortunately, however I heard on Tuesday that my vehicle was deemed to be a ‘Total Loss’ by my insurance company.  Frustration came upon me, (as the other driver was ‘at fault’ for the accident!!), but soon that emotion was replaced with the numerous things I was grateful for (car insurance being one, lol), and I began to see the ‘good’, if you will, in the incident. (MK15-7, “All conditions and experiences that come to us do so for our benefit.”)   Perhaps this was the ‘best’ scenario for a vehicle that has given me some ‘trouble’ in the 18 months that I’ve owned it, including $700 spent on it on Dec. 22nd (a previous Blog post).  Maybe something more ‘major’ was about to go wrong with it.  Another thought that entered my mind was this…Just prior to the accident my 17 year old daughter, who is a very inexperienced driver for such road conditions, had asked her Dad if she could take the (other) car and pick up her boyfriend and ‘go to the mall’ (for nothing in particular…just to go!). Not realizing how bad the roads were he had said “yes”.  Once I contacted her to let her know of the accident she decided maybe she shouldn’t go (and she didn’t, thank Goodness!!).  The thought came to me that it’s possible that as a result of my accident she avoided a more serious, possibly ‘life-altering’ one!  I could go on and on here, but I think you get the point.  Gratitude upon Gratitude rather than dwelling on the negative.

It is, after all, only a car, and it can, with a little ‘work’ (‘hunting’/shopping), be replaced 🙂


Week 14 – Resolution? No, not me!!

New Years Day usually comes with “Resolutions”.  This is the first year in I can’t remember how many that I can say I have not ‘formed’ any Resolutions, much less ‘professed’ them out loud to those who ask.  When asked this year I have simply been able to say, “I have a specific plan for a total makeover.”  (Thanks to Mark’s guidance on one of the most recent Webby’s)  This statement alone has given me so much Peace and Happiness.  I love it, because it is SO TRUE.  I don’t have to have a ‘fabricated’ Resolution in my brain (and that I share with others) that I know full well is not going to come to fruition, as we all know they don’t work!!   I’m being ‘true’ to the Gal in the Glass!!

I love it…and am really loving the ‘New and Improved’ Me!!

2016 is going to be AMAZING (and not just because it is an even year, lol)!!!!

Week 13 – A Series of “Fortunate” Events


Leading up to Christmas has been very ‘hectic’…especially the ‘logistics’ of getting around and seeing family and friends and exhanging gifts, etc.  On Sunday I was supposed to be at a family get-together, but early in the morning that all changed due to the illness of the primary ‘visitee’.  As a result I was then able to get on the weekly Webinar, that I was going to have to watch on a replay (which I really don’t like doing).  Things have a way of working out!!

I enjoy reading my accomplishments on my cards throughout the day.  It is truly uplifting to take time out to realize what great things I have done (so far) in my life.  Generally one focuses on the ‘failures’ rather than the ‘successes’.

This week’s addition of the 3 daily gratitude cards has been very ‘beneficial’ as well.

In particular I found that rather than ‘dwell’ on the negative of a situation I am able to ‘turn it around’ and see the ‘good’ in it…or at least to not see it as nearly as ‘bad’…

On Tuesday on my way home I experienced some mechanical problems with my car.  After a few quick stops on my way home it completely ‘failed’ on me after I had parked it safely in my driveway.  In the past I would have been quite ‘miffed’ (that’s putting it mildly!!) at the whole ‘situation’, but instead I found myself going through all the things I was ‘grateful’ for at the time.  To list a few they were:

-that I was safely parked in my driveway at home

-that I had BCAA (like AAA in the U.S.)

-that they (BCAA) were able to tow it to my Shop within an hour of calling them

-that the Shop had time to look at it (and fix it) the next day, before closing up for Christmas break until January 4th

-that they knew HOW to fix it

-that they were able to get the parts required to fix it

-that I had the ‘means’ to pay for the repairs

-that I didn’t have any ‘pressing’ appointments/obligations to get to that day or the next morning

-that we do have a second car in the household

…and so on…

Seriously TOO many to mention them all.  The point is rather than focus on the one ‘bad’ thing I was able to see the numerous things I was truly ‘grateful’ for.





Week 12 – Review Time

Sitting down to write this post I really don’t know what to say…

Sometimes I don’t really feel that much has changed (in me).  I was talking with a ‘fellow’ MKMMA member (and part of my Mastermind group locally) this week and he mentioned that he had re-read all of ‘his’ posts from the beginning. So, excuse me while I take a short break to do this (lol)…


Okay, I’m back…15 minutes later…

I have to say that that was a great exercise and I would highly recommend it to anyone in the MKMMA…to re-read their own posts to see how far they’ve come.  It certainly made me realize the journey i’ve been on so far and the direction I’m heading…WOW.  I have to stop beating myself up!!

I really like the ‘non-red pencil’ exercise we did last Sunday.  I do enjoy looking at those cards and coming up with new ones to add to the ‘deck’.  It was difficult for me to share a few of them aloud on our Group Zoom call this week.  Just the shy, introverted person I am, I suppose.  Looking forward to that changing too…just a little…lol.

Yesterday started out to be a very ‘bad’ day.  A sequence of ‘undesirable’ events led me to, for one thing, start my mental diet over again.  Very soon into the ‘crappy’ (pardon, here) morning I decided that (YES…ME) had to be the one to do something about it, so I focused all my energy on turning things around and began to not ‘dwell’ on the bad and instead looked forward to making the rest of the day more positive.  It worked and I felt so in control, it was amazing!!

Not that I’m going to end things here (in the course), but I would have to say that I am very pleased with the new me (so far) and everything I’ve done to this point is so incredibly worth it!!

Onward and Upward!!