Week 24 – The End? …or simply the Beginning?

The final “official” Blog post with the Master Key Experience…WOW, how far I’ve come!!

Although I would not give myself an “A” grade in the course, I am certainly very proud of myself for still being here.  A committment that was made waaaay back nearly six months ago…and…”I always keep my promises, Jan Ellis !!”  🙂

This week there has been a lot of focus on the life of my late Mother-In-Law, Jean Ellis.  We ‘celebrated’ her life with Prayers and a Catholic Funeral Mass and Internment at a Cemetery.  As time was spent preparing for all of this I have come to really realize what a wonderful person she was!!  Participating in writing her eulogy, with her husband and 5 (of 6) surviving children was a touching experience.  Talking of memories we all recalled of her and the great woman and Mother she was.  I can truly say that (from my perspective) her life had real ‘Purpose’ and she gave and received a tremendous amount of LOVE.  So here I am searching for the “meaning of life” and it has been right here all along…..LOVE!!  Just give (and receive) LOVE…Truly and from the heart!!

Can’t tell you how long it took to get through that paragraph!  Her death is still very ‘fresh’.  In fact today I had a “Mom – moment” and talked about making a print of a recent photo and giving it to her to pass on to another family member.  I had to stop myself…and then ‘broke down’ for a bit.  You see she was the central “hub” of the family.  A real time of adjustment is ahead for all of us!

Back to the course…

Anyone and everyone who has the opportunity to participate in the MKE would be crazy not to. That IS my opinion, and, yes I AM an expert…lol !!  I learned that some people actually take it more that once.  When I first heard about this I thought it was very strange and somehow ‘unnecessary’, but the more I think about it at the end here, it sounds like a great idea!  I think that I would be even more committed to the exercises and would strive for a ‘letter grade’ much closer to an “A”.

All in all I’d have to say this has been an amazing “Journey of Self Discovery” and I do love the “Gal In The Glass” more and more each day!!

I’ve only just begun!!



One thought on “Week 24 – The End? …or simply the Beginning?

  1. Izanna Kutepov

    Jan, May your mom in law RIP… I gotta say it once again, you’re a real winner!! You’re commitment is incredible! And yes, you’re a REAL Expert! Second time is even more awesome!!! Go for it!!



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