Week 22A – “Silence Is Golden”

I decided early in the week to do a ‘mini-retreat’ yesterday (at home) during the day when the rest of my family was at work and school.

Upon the initial decision to do this 2 thoughts came to mind… One was a song I remembered from my childhood “Silence Is Golden” (Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons)  I searched it on YouTube and realized that I didn’t really know the lyrics to it and had I when I was young I probably wouldn’t have understood them anyhow.  The melody was definitely in my brain, although I’m quite certain I haven’t heard it in a number of years.  Second thought I had was a memory of a game my 2 brothers and I used to play near the end of our dinner meal.  It went like this…Someone would shout out “Silence, until I say ‘no silence’…Silence”.  The object was for everyone to remain silent (obviously), and the first person to break the silence received some sort of ‘punishment’.  I’m not really sure what that was.  Or maybe the other two just made fun of them, I don’t remember.  I hadn’t thought of that silly game in a very long time.  It did bring a smile to my face and warmed my heart in the recollection of it.

Now for the ‘retreat’.  It started at 9am and I was very unsure how I would possibly not go ‘stir- crazy’ spending the day in silence.  I sat on the couch in our Family room.  Okay, so i soon realized that the house is not that quiet without a few ‘adjustments’.  The mantel clock in the livingroom had to have to battery removed so it didn’t ‘chime’ every 15 minutes.  The clock on the mantel in the family room also needed to have to battery removed as it went ‘tick-tock’.  Okay, so getting there… Some things I could not silence, such as the storm happening outside.  The rain was pounding down on the deck out back and also against the windows.  The wind was also howling quite loudly.  Apparently I cannot stop the wind (lol).  I thought maybe the power would go out…that wouldn’t have mattered (lol).    Also, aircraft flew overhead from time to time.  One cat on my lap was purring 🙂  I have to say that all of these things were definitely more noticeable than they have been at any other time.  About and hour and a half in I started to get really ‘bored’.  That’s when I decided to read my GS.  I remembered Mark saying we could do our regular readings if we wanted.  I made the decision to read the intro (story) and each of the first 6 scrolls.  That was amazing.  I kind of remembered the story, but it was nice to have a ‘refresher’ as it has been almost 6 months since I read it.  All the scrolls were like ‘old friends’…such an easy read.  Each one felt like it was only a week or two since we read them.   It’s really hard to believe it’s been as long as it has.  Anyways, after I finished them I have to admit I fell asleep for an hour and a half.  I had such vivid dreams….not all good, but so very ‘real’.  After awakening I made lunch and settled back down for a couple more hours before my children returned home.  When they did arrive I advised them that I was not speaking until 5pm.  They were really good at obliging.  My daughter (who is 17) was very inquisitive as to what this was all about.  I think she thought I was ‘losing it’, lol.  I filled her in the best I could.

My next (and real) ‘silence retreat’ will be done away somewhere where I can completely “unplug” and for a full 48 to 72 hours.  I am working on such an event happening in April or May.  This will definitely require some planning.

Looking forward to spending some more time with ‘me, myself, and I’



3 thoughts on “Week 22A – “Silence Is Golden”

  1. masterkeybbrevner

    You got me curious so I looked at the lyrics for Silence is Golden. The first two lines of the second verse really struck near: “Talking is cheap, people follow like sheep, even though there is no place to go.” So describes the river of dreams that Mark J references. Thanks for the insight!

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