Week 22 – Are we “there”, yet?

Are we “there”, yet?

Interesting title that came to me yesterday as I was giving serious thought to this week’s blog post.

The very short answer is “NO”!!  Truth be told I am not even sure where “there” is at the moment….So, how do I know when I get there (lol)??  I realize that my DMP needs some ‘serious‘ revision.  It needs to change…because I’ve changed!!

I don’t know if I expected that at the ‘end’ of this MKE I would be “there“, but I definitely know that will not be the case seeing as we only have a handful of weeks to go.  I do, however, know that I am a lot further along my “desired” (at this point) journey than had this course not entered my life.  And for that I will be forever grateful, as I think I’ve mentioned before 🙂

I have not yet ‘carved out’ time to do a retreat in silence, but am working towards such a time happening in the next month or two.  When the idea was first ‘suggested’ on the webby last week my initial (internal) response was “How can I possibly do that…With the family and all of my ‘obligations’?”  Within moments, though, I have to say that I was able to turn that around and instead focus my thoughts on figuring out a way for it TO happen!  I have not come up with a concrete plan, yet, but have a couple of ‘strong’ possibilities in mind.  I hope to achieve it by the end of April.  Looking forward to it!!


8 thoughts on “Week 22 – Are we “there”, yet?

  1. masterkeychrisstier

    Go get it done Jan, the experience will be awesome. I must say I have seen great changes since this journey started in your blog, your outlook and your belief in yourself. Keep going forward I know that you will achieve your bliss.


  2. Izanna Kutepov

    Jan, i’m blessed witnessing the transformation! The best is yet to come! Please keep in mind, you can always send me your NEW revision of DMP for a review! Will be excited to read it!! Keep growing!



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