Week 20 – TGIF…really!?

Funny how what I write about each week just ‘comes to me’.  Not really, I guess…

This week for some reason I gave thought to the common “T.G.I.F.” statement that people make nearing the end of their work week.  I have been fortunate enough that I have not had a J.O.B. (“Just Over Broke”, lol) for several years now.  Therefore, I personally, have not uttered this saying for many, many years.  I do realize, however, that “most people” out there live day to day just “Working for the weekend” (Loverboy Hit song from the 80’s).  How sad is that!!  To be not following their “Bliss”.  The really sad part is that many seem to be merely ‘existing’. For the month of January I was without a vehicle, so I took public transit around the city on a few occasions.  The majority of people looked like “drones” to me…just ‘going through the motion’…with very little expression on their faces (not happy ones anyways) and certainly no ‘bounce’ in their step!  We have so much opportunity to make our lives truly OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD fantastic!!!  As we heard in last week’s webby, most people choose ‘comfort’ when choosing between that and ‘perceived’ risk‘.  WOW !!

I choose to “Live this day as if it is my last” and graciously accept this day as an “opportunity for me to become the woman I know I can be”!!

Very few (to this point) have been ‘blessed’ with the MKMMA experience like I have!  I am so very, very Grateful…again…and again…and again…


6 thoughts on “Week 20 – TGIF…really!?

  1. masterkeyssquevedo

    I am still one of those with a J.O.B. However, the T.G.I.F. has become T.G.I.T (thank God it’s today). This journey has made me truly grateful for so many things in life. We are truly blessed, Jan. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!



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