Week 19 – Forever Grateful !

Here we are in week 19 and the thought of this MKMMA coming to an end ‘soon’ is somewhat frightening.  Through conversation today with a fellow ‘MKMMA’er I realize how much I have changed (and those on the Journey along with me that I know personally)!  I am truly, Extremely Grateful for everything in my life to this point and on a continual basis day to day moving forward!  Simple things I have ‘adopted’ to my daily life will NOT change even after the MKMMA course is over.  There are, of course, several, but the one lately I have been most focused on is the ‘expressing’ of our 3 Gratitudes on index cards daily.  Such an easy thing to do, yet so beneficial!

This past week when the pipe sprung a leak in a wall in my laundry room, I did not react as I would have prior to this MKMMA Journey.  Even though there was water ‘everywhere’, the first thought that came to my mind was “something good will come from this”!  I was extremely grateful that the Plumber that I had the number for was able to get to me at the end of his ‘usual’ day’s work.  I was even more grateful that he had “Persistence” (my Virtue of the week), to find and fix the leaking pipe.  Imagine if he had just said, “sorry, I don’t know what the problem is”, lol…not!!  The ‘good’ that came out of it is that my entire Laudry room has never been so clean and organized, and I got rid of a lot of useless dlutter…aka, ‘junk’.  Now, this was a ‘project’ I was going to get ‘around to’ at some point, but honestly it was not anywhere near the top of my ‘to do’ list.  Who knows when it would have been!

Anyways, another week, another blog, more and more gratitude!!!!’


5 thoughts on “Week 19 – Forever Grateful !

  1. Izanna Kutepov

    Jan, way to go!! Isn’t it amazing?? This happened to me recently as well. I was planning to clean up under my sink for a LONG time, but was delaying the pleasure. Then we started having some issues, and we had to call a plumber. So.. It is very clean now under my sink :)) Keep going! You’re very inspiring and very persistent!


  2. mkmmaasambush

    I LOVE THIS POST! Your new grateful perspective is amazing…and linking the virtue of persistence is just icing on the cake 🙂



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